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Your Room

As the Castle is a historical-artistic monument declared by decree in 1931, there cannot be any buildings less than 200 meters away, so it's 40 rooms are in the original building, some built in the 11th century and others in the 15th. 


Stone vaults, Mudejar brick domes or arches over 800 years old are some of the unique architectural elements that we can find in a single hotel establishment.

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Our cleaning team has taken great care to prepare your room by taking special disinfection measures and has included everything you need for a pleasant stay.


If you need anything you do not see, let us know and we will be happy to help you:

As we are in the middle of the countryside and under the protection of all kinds of birds, do not hesitate to request a cleaning service of the room if you think it is necessary. The extra cleaning service can be done before 19:00

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· Towels · 

If you would like us to change your towels, please leave them in the bathtub. If, on the other hand, you want to continue using them, leave them in the towel holder.


· Tap Water · 

It is drinkable, however, coming from our well, it is highly mineralized and not all palates are used to it.


· Bottled Water · 

In your mini bar you will find bottled water from the San Joaquin spring, located just 5Km away from the Castle.


· Toilet paper · 

We use high quality paper, 100% ecological, with its natural color, thus actively helping the environment.

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