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The team at Castillo del Buen Amor personalizes each stay taking into account the specific tastes and needs of its guests. Our list of activities, both on the property and near by, is always changing to offer experiences related to the environment in order to enjoy and learn about the charro countryside.


· Vineyards, winery and tasting · 

At the Casttle's property we have seven hectares of vineyards and our own winery, where we make La Venganza, CBA, Montelvira and Ribera de Cañedo wines. With this visit you will learn about the varieties, processes and nuances that characterize our wines.

· Massage · 

Experience the power of our relaxing rituals. Purify the body, relax the mind and live the peaceful sensation of abandoning yourself for a few minutes to reach the highest level of well-being. To learn more, check with our Reception team.


· Bike Ride · 

The Castilian plain is perfect for a bike ride. You will be able to enjoy the Charro field both on our property or discover nearby towns of great interest. Complement your bike ride with a romantic picnic. Ask about the availability of bicycles at reception.

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· Cheese factory · 

Visit a cheese factory, where they will show you how the authentic Zamorano sheep cheese is made, the different ways of cutting the cheese, as well as an instructive guided tasting. The visit can be complemented by a course on artisan cheese making and a visit to Pastor Iván.


· Horse Ride · 

To get to know the horse world, you can choose to stroll through the pasture. You can enjoy nature and live a different experience.

· Iberian Workshop · 

Visit a factory of Iberian pig products. You will learn how the authentic Iberian ham is made and the different cuts and products derived from this animal so characteristic of Salamanca.

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· Bee Museum · 

A space born to bring visitors a closer look to the world of bees and all their products. It is focused on the history, beekeeping techniques and their behaviour, as well as showing the great variety of products made with honey, and what their properties are.

· Forest Bath · 

Well-being practice whose objective is to reestablish the link between people and nature, which is achieved through a sensory experience in which our five senses are awakened.


· Falconry Exhibition · 

Stunning eagles and owls at very short distances. In this activity you will discover the charms of these great birds of prey, how they fly and how they behave first hand.

· Balloon Ride · 

You will never forget a hot air balloon ride. Experience a smooth flight departing from the surroundings of the Castle and survey the horizon from a bird's eye view.


· Astronomy · 

With the help of an expert monitor and a terrestrial telescope, at dusk we will try to see the moon and the different stars and constellations of one of the cleanest skies free of light pollution on the peninsula.

· Bird Watching · 

This guided activity is perfect for getting to know part of the native fauna. Black and royal kites, storks, herons, mousetrap eagles, eaglets, cabochons, owls, hoopoes are just one example of what can be seen on the Castillo property.


· Escape Room · 

The Escape-Castle activity consists of overcoming a challenge inside the Castle of Good Love. The participants must overcome different tests, with multiple riddles, in different parts of the castle. For groups of at least 10 people.

· Visit an oil mill · 

Learn first-hand how an artisan and family oil mill works in the Sierra de Francia. With the most advanced technology we extract the best olive oil, with the care and treatment of a small production. The visit of the mill and the olive grove, we accompany it with a tasting of Soleae extra virgin olive oil.


· Mycological Routes · 

Guided activity for the whole family in which guided tours are carried out, in which we will try to collect and identify the different mycological species found in our forests. Suitable for children and adults. They are made in places near the Castle.

· Archery · 

You will test your aim and you will feel, at least for a while, that you are the new Robin Hood. This practice requires a great capacity for concentration. Only in this way will we get the shot right, making the arrows that come out of our bow hit the center of the target.


· Miranda De Duero Cruise · 

Environmental cruise to the Águila Valley and return, aboard the first ship-classroom of the international biological station. Includes canyon interpretation, Oporto wine tasting and interactive didactic display with birds of prey at the end of the tour.

· SPA Aquatherapia · 

Thermal circuit in the city of Salamanca with a hydrotherapy pool with Epson salts, a bubble bed, an air volcano, 2 cervical waterfalls, a nebulizer, a foot bath, an essential oil shower, a rain shower, a Roman bath, a Scottish shower, a sauna, relaxation area with thermal banks. Finish with a fruit juice or an infusion.


· Visit to Salamanca or Zamora · 

Guided visit of the monuments and cathedrals of Salamanca or Zamora, the Casa Lis Museum, the Automotive Museum, the Unamuno Museum and much more.

· Visit Nearby Wineries · 

Not only can you visit the Castillo del Buen Amor winery and taste our wines, we also invite you to discover other wineries in the area to enrich your palate. Julián Madruga, Viñaver, la Granja, Divina Proportion or Pagos del Rey are some of them.


· Orientation Workshop in Nature · 

It is a workshop in which we will learn to use the compass and GPS, as well as maps and plans to orient ourselves in nature, although we must also pay attention to other references that the terrain in which we find ourselves offers us.

· Raku Workshop · 

Low temperature ceramic technique. The pieces are removed from the oven at the moment the enamel has reached its melting point and are then placed in containers with leaves, sawdust, shavings, paper and even rags soaked in oil.

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